Krypton Escort - Alice
Krypton Escort - Alice
Krypton Escort - Alice
Krypton Escort - Alice
Krypton Escort - Alice
Krypton Escort - Alice
Krypton Escort - Alice


Krypton Escort

Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 10
14059 Berlin

Tel: 0173 / 9733713

Mein Service für Dich:

Alter: 22 Jahre   Größe: 159cm   Konfektion: 32   Oberweite: 70D

What attracts you to an escort?

It attracts me to get to know people. I am excited by the excitement, for I can never know who will stand before me. An evening with a stranger, which I myself will make an unforgettable one.

What does eroticism mean to you?

The mysterious, the passionate, the sensual, the seductive, the playful, all this and much more, which is to be discovered.

Which philosophy of life do you pursue?

"The last enemy to be defeated is death."

The last enemy to be defeated is death!

And apart from that ... who does not try anything, does not reach anything, everyone is his own luck blacksmith!

What would you like to experience?

I want to see how humanity evolves and so much I can contribute, I want to experience how we reach for the stars!

What do your friends like about you?

That I am having fun at life and at the moment, my spontaneity that I am when it comes down to it is definitely there for them. Besides that I say what I think, as well as my determination and my ability to rationality.

What would you do if you could live without consequences for a year?

I would pack a bag with the most important and simply travel from one country to another, from city to city and discover new people and places!

What character traits do you feel?

An intelligent conversation partner can always fascinate me. Ambition is incredibly sexy. Also spontaneity is something wonderful.


Krypton Escort